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This course is completely unique
Although the method used in this course is a method used by any good Arabic teacher, to teach students how to read in a classroom course, it is the first time the method has been made available online. This course is the most effective way to learn the Arabic alphabet.

Learning the alphabet versus learning to read
There are many apps and websites that promise to teach you the Arabic alphabet. However, learning to say the alphabet is one thing but learning to read the letters in their different forms, disguised within words, is a completely different thing.
To understand the difference, think about a 4-year-old child. They might be able to recite "A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc..." and might be able to say the name of a letter if you point at it but show them the sentence "The cat sat on the mat" and they will have no idea how to interpret it and read it.
Learning an alphabet and learning to read with it are not always the same thing. This course teaches you both.

You won't learn the letters of the alphabet in order
As with the English alphabet, the Arabic alphabet is said in a particular order. In this course we don't learn the letters in that order. This is because some letters are easier to learn than others. We start with the easy sounds that are most similar to English.

The example words you see won't be the most commonly used words of the language
At the beginning of the course, when you only know 6 letters, you need to practise reading words that contain only those letters. Words that contain only these 6 letters are not necessarily the most commonly used words. This doesn't matter - this course is about learning to read the Arabic script, it's not a vocabulary course.

As with any language, there are always exceptions to the rules. As this is a basic course, it only tells you the most important things and does not go in to details about exceptions.

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